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Haunt Me [Nov. 20th, 2004|01:01 am]
xx_rate my hottness_xx
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Name: Jychelle
Age: 16... yes im a youngin!
Location: indiana, pennsylvania: shithole town
Sexual Preference: bisexual... but it pisses me off that it's become such a trend
Nationality: native american, german, and irish

Hobbies: i play guitar and drums, write poetry and songs, draw, go to shows and concerts, i love to mosh, i love listening to music it's my life, i love to go shopping for underwear and bras/lingerie, i love to makeout.
10 of your favorite bands *no more*:
1. leftover crack
2. choking victim
3. subhumans
4. the unseen
5. toxic narcotic
6. caustic christ
7. agnostic front
8. discharge
9. misfits
10. avenged sevenfold
5 of your favorite books or authors: i read vampire romance books such as the last vampire by whitely strieber (sp) and or the newspaper/magazines.
Favorite Movies: return of the living dead, evil dead, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, nightmare before christmas

Share your views on..*no one word answers*
Drugs: whatever you want to do as long as you aren't selling it to little kids. i do it but every once in a blue moon. i would never force anyone too no matter who they were. i wouldn't even offer... if they asked me... fine as long as you are at least the same age as i am.
War: it's stupid. why go over to another country to blow it up just to pay for the damage? if you are going to blow something up don't feel sorry about it after words... just blow the damn thing up.
Sex: sex can be manipulative and twisted... but when it's with the right person... it's fucking beautiful and i'm very addicted to it.
Gay Marriage: i'm all for them. if i wasn't i'd be contradicting myself. If two people love each other then what does it matter that they are from the same gender? just because it's not "christian" dosen't mean it's wrong. People have the right to love and i think they should have the right to take it to the next level if they choose.
Racism: it dosen't matter what color your skin is... people are who they are by how they treat others and how they act out. fuck the outside... you could look like a naked mole rat and be black, hispanic, chinese, and jewish and i would still talk to you if you were someone i could get along with.
Obesity: fat people need love too! i hate how the main stream society is trying to make everyone brainwashed to the fact that if you aren't skinny then you aren't beautiful.. fuck that.. i know a lot of people that aren't skinny that are way more pretty then have the anorexic sluts out there.
Abortion: ok i hate hearing that rape is an excuse because everyone says it... but it's true... i don't think that the woman should have to endure more physical pain and emotional pain of having the child... even if she gives it up for adoption she still knows the child is out there. i don't think that it's right for a woman to use abortion as an excuse not to use a condom... if you are going to be that immature about it then i don't think you should even be having sex.
Religion: beliebe in what you wish to believe in. we have that right... and bush will probably take that one away too.

Final Questions
Where did you hear about us: fallenheart is in a couple of the same communities as i am and i looked in his userinfo.
Why do you belong here: i love seeing what people have to say about me. i can be very blunt and brutally honest when i want.
Where will you promote us: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_punx_unite_/29398.html


[User Picture]From: glo_wyrm
2004-11-21 07:20 pm (UTC)
i am uncertain weather i am a yes or a no on this one. i guess i'm kinda in the middle. your answers seem a bit cookie cutter, but it is only IMHO.
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From: sinfulchemical
2004-11-21 11:30 pm (UTC)
Put a yes or no dear.
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From: sinfulchemical
2004-11-21 11:30 pm (UTC)


Fucking Yes!!
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[User Picture]From: _angelfuck_13
2004-11-23 05:18 pm (UTC)


I agree with glo, about your answeres being a little cliche, but they were still agreeable, and plus your German, so thats makes you awesome like me haha.
Plus I think your super cute, and I love your hair and eye make-up in the first pic...

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