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Haunt me - My beauty will haunt you [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Haunt me [Oct. 10th, 2004|12:09 am]
xx_rate my hottness_xx


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Name:Lauren Collett
Sexual Preference:Bisexual(no I'm not a lame trendy I've actually done stuff with girls and dated girls)
Nationality:Something europian

10 of your favorite bands *no more*:
Weezer,The adicts,The beatles,sublime,sex pistols,garbage,modest mouse,led zeppelin,sublime and pink floyd.
5 of your favorite books or authors:a clockwork orange,the giver,dune,the unpleasent profession of jonathan hoag,bridge to terabithia.
Favorite Movies:10 things I hate about you,a clockwork orange,jay and silent bob strikes back and all kevin smith movies.

Share your views on..*no one word answers*

There ok by me.Just not when you abuse them especially really hard drugs like heroine,meth and coke.I don't do those and don't plan on it.Drinking is dangerous too..I would know.But I'm fine with drugs if you wanna do them its fine.I drink and smoke so I'm not one to talk.
War:its a totally horrible thing to whole notion of having to fight for peace is bogus.I helped in a few peace rallys in town and in my school so I'm very agianst war.
Sex:Yeah.Who cares.I have it.Its the persons choice its no one elses so if you want to do it if you don't.
Gay Marriage:Yes I'm bi and I feel I should be able to marry who ever I want.
Racism:Its so horrible to think of someone as different because of there skin color race or religion.I never do that and I never will it is so wrong I can't even describe.
Obesity:Well my moms overweight and trying to loose weight.I'm not but theres alot of people with obesity problems these day..its kind of crazy.
Abortion:I believe I should have the right to not have my baby if I don't want to.I don't think the goverment should be able to decide whats wrong and right for MY body.
Religion:I'm not religious.but if you are I totally respect that.I just sometimes think our world would be better off without it.

Final Questions

Where did you hear about us:
I dunno I saw you in someones profile so I joined :)
Why do you belong here:Because I'm freaking awesome...
Where will you promote us:all my communitys!!of course

Please post 4 clear pictures of yourself.


[User Picture]From: fallenheart
2004-10-10 08:07 am (UTC)

Mod: Vote

You're beautiful, I say yes. :) That's it, how hurry up and get accepted so we can see more pix lol :p
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